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"TC" Range Packaged/Integrated - Free Air Cooling/Emergency Cooling/Mechanical Cooling and Controls


The DAQS TC600 range of Dual-Cooling-Mode (48VDC Free Air Cooling & 230/380VAC Mechanical Cooling) precision air conditioning units are designed to maximise energy efficient free-cooling operation, while keeping DX operation to an absolute minimum.


The Free Cooling Damper allows the room load to be cooled directly using outside air (at suitable outdoor temperatures).  This provides yearly energy savings of up to 70% over conventional units.  The mechanical cooling circuit (evaporator, condenser, compressor etc.) is integrated within one cabinet, eliminating the need for on-site refrigerant piping and outdoor condensers - and ensuring a very simple installation.  Units feature a central microprocessor controller, which monitors indoor and outdoor air temperature and air cleanliness and ensures accurate measured machine response to room load conditions.


In addition to room status, the controller also monitors unit operation, generating alarms (both locally and remotely) in response to a major component fault or failure.  All industry standard communications protocols are supported - Ethernet, RS485 (ModBus), BacNet, SNMP etc, as well as Hard-Wired Alarm Outputs.


Major components are fully serviceable from the front.  Units are supplied fully pre-charged with zero ODP refrigerant R407C.


Click here for more specific product data on the TC600 Model Range product range.



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