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"FC" Range of Free Air Cooling (Supplementary or Stand-Alone)


The DAQS "FC" series of Free Air Cooling Fan Units are specifically designed for Telecom Cooling applications on remote BTS sites and/or small Switch Rooms.  Supplied with 48VDC Electronically Commutated (EC) fans, the "FC" range offers fully modulating Free Air Cooling in response to shelter temperature relative to prevailing outdoor temperature.  The "FC"  Range can be Stand-Alone, supplied with it's own Temperature Control Module (TCM), or can be used as supplementary Free Air Cooling when installed together with existing (or newly installed) DX mechanical cooling.


The DAQS FC10-CS controller, allows any DAQS "FC" Free Air Cooling Fan Box to be integrated with an existing installed (or newly installed) mechanical cooling device (any manufacturer), thereby offering Free Air Cooling when outdoor temperatures permit, and automatic switchover to mechanical cooling thereafter.  The FC10-CS controller thereby becomes the Site Management controller, and in addition to controlling the environmental functionality, also provides full remote communications.  The FC10-CS supports all industry standard communications protocols - Ethernet, RS485 (ModBus), BacNet, SNMP etc., as well as Hard-Wired Alarm Outputs.


In this configuration (any FC Free Cooling Fan Unit, any Mechanical Cooling device and FC10-CS Controller), full fail-safe and redundancy is assured, with automatic switch-over between Free Cooling/Mechanical Cooling and 48VDC Emergency Cooling.


Click here for more specific product data on the FC Free Cooling Fan Unit product range or Click here for more data on the Controllers.



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