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FC Range of Free Cooling Fan Box Products


The DAQS Free Cooling Fan Box Range of products was developed in response to a need for an energy efficient method of cooling in established telecom sites which could typically be described as an insulated box with heat generating equipment inside. With that equipment producing heat 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the widely used traditional method of comfort cooling (air conditioning for people) employing mechanical compressorized units has proven to be an extremely energy inefficient method to cool these telecom sites.

With many Telcos having thousands of sites installed in this manner over the years with the capital for equipment already spent, the DAQS range of Free Cooling Fan Boxes, featuring a microprocessor and DAQS proprietary software now enables Telecoms to retrofit a Free Cooling solution, interlocking with their existing Comfort Cooling systems.

These are relatively straightforward products, but are Hi-Tech versus other market solutions and all feature high energy efficient EC fan motors, which allow unique precision control of the air delivery from the DAQS unit in constant air volume constant static pressure applications.

Cooling typically represents 30% of the total power consumed on a Telecom (RBS) site. In warmer climates, this can increase even further to 50% plus. Evidently, cooling is a significiant contributor to the annual operating (OPEX) costs of a Telecom Network.


DAQS produce a range of energy efficient Free Air Cooling only and/or Free Air Cooling/Mechnical Cooling packaged devices; offering Cooling input power reductions of 50% or greater, even in warm climates!


In recognition that in most instances Networks are established, with Capital (CAPEX) already spent on A/C Mechanical Cooling, DAQS offer a range of "Retrofit" solutions (Free Cooling and Controls) enabling significant cooling input power reductions to be achieved, whilst providing Payback Periods/ROI that are commercially viable. Typical PBP/ROI is 9-18 months, for equipment with a Life Expectancy of 10 Years plus.


In addition to "Retrofit" applications, DAQS offer energy efficient cooling solutions for new build/new roll-out and off-grid/hybrid applications. Systems are available for operation with AC Power, AC/DC combination units or full DC (48vdc).


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FC10CS Control System


DAQS control systems are designed to be generic, with full communications with all industry standard protocols.


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