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The DAQS DM series of compact, packaged environmental control Air Handling Units are specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of "Mission Critical" Medical-Healthcare applications. The DM ange is designed and built in conformance with European and International standards, inclusive of HTM03-01 for the UK and other applicable regions.


All products within the range offer full environmental control (Ventilation, Heating, Cooling, Humidification, De-Humidification and Filtration) together with unprecedented levels of Energy Efficiency, Space Utilisation and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), in an unrivalled compact and energy saving device.


Additional features include; flexible modular design, positive/negative/balanced pressure applications achievable from the one device, in-built redundancy and failsafe, integrated controls system and full BMS compatibility.


Product portfolio includes:




DAQS also offer bespoke air handling units, which are designed and manufactured to suit individual specifications.  For more information, please contact our sales team.


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