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About Us:


Established in 2004, DAQS engineers and product designers followed the company founding principles, that being to develop product solutions that are relevant to the industry being served.  Fundamental criteria were applied; Energy Efficiency, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Space Utilisation, Quality & Reliability, Feature & Function, Cost Effectiveness and in general being "Right for Application".


DAQS pioneered the use of Free Air Cooling in Telecom Cooling applications and were amongst the first to deploy EC (Electronically Commutated) DC Fans, thereby offering the unprecedented energy savings associated with Free Air Cooling and the security of Emergency Cooling in the event of AC power loss.  Telecom Service Providers across the globe have since adopted this solution.  Equally, the principle has also been adopted for use in Data Centre/Server Room applications.


DAQS also pioneered the use of Packaged/Vertical Air Handling Units (AHU's) for Medical applications, specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of "Mission Critical" applications.  DAQS solutions offer up to 60% saving in space utilisation and between 30% and 70% reduction in energy usage.


The DAQS brand has grown to be synonymous with innovative, cutting-edge, disruptive technology; energy and space saving devices.  We pride ourselves on being a "solutions-provider", developing products that deliver unprecedented performance results for the respective industries served.



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